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Keyword Analysis

The cornerstone of all effective SEO is good keyword selection.

Get it right and you'll rank on page 1 for search terms that turn clicks into sales. Get it wrong and your website will appear outside of the Google's top 10 and low, targeted traffic volumes will prove all of your efforts a complete waste of time.

Below are some examples of poor keyword choices for optimisation and Pro Evolve's solutions:

  • 'Corgi Trained Plumber' - Manchester based plumbing company that only cover Greater Manchester and Cheshire
  • 'Manchester Plumber' - This high traffic, area and service targeted key phrase ensure the right people, in the right area find their website.
  • 'Glow Tanning and Beauty' - Glow contacted us asking us to optimise for this search term. It was easy to achieve but only people already aware of his business would use this search term.
  • 'Saltash Beauty' - Much broader but very achievable search term, again targeted directly at service and location.
  • 'Hotel in London with parking and gym' - What's commonly known in the trade as a long tailed keyword. It's again a very easy one to achieve but extremely low traffic volumes will result in a lack of traffic.
  • 'Central London Hotels' - Fairly competitive but achievable search term. Again, high volumes of targeted traffic ensuring a rapid return on investment.

Pro Evolve's careful and stringent analysis ensure that only keywords that we feel can get to page 1 on Google and will produce sales are chosen when optimising your website.

Once the keywords and key phrases are established, Pro Evolve set to work on incorporating them in a special blend of written content and meta tags designed in the hope of achieving the Holy Grail of SEO - Google position 1!

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